About Me

First of all, Warmly Welcome to Our Website Teach Leaks.
Something About Me… Hello Everyone! The boy is behind this website is called “Peter adams” I’m 42 years old. I’m from virginia, USA. . I am a Professional Web Designer/Developer and i have a good knowledge about these things.

What I Actually Know about Computer or Internet is Listed Here :

Blogging (WordPress or Blogger)
SEO (Not Professionally But having Good Knowledge)
Web Designing (XML, HTML, CSS)
Web Developing ( Only on WordPress and Blogger)
Graphics Designing (Photoshop, InPage)
Writing (Articles)
Google AdSense (To earn money with Websites or Blogs)
Google Webmaster (Google Tool for crawling and indexing your websites)
Blogger (A web Blog platform for free blogs)
WordPress (A platform for making PHP based websites and blogs)
Transferring from Blogger to WordPress
Social Media (Twitter, Google+, Facebook, Pinterest,Youtube)

My Mission Is I will Provide you Best and Informative Tutorials and Articles for free. we will also try to review certain stuff like education related or the best places to study or get your web or digital services from in here. If you want to contact us you can contact to the mail below.

My Personal Information :

Name : Teach Leaks
Email : jhakeshaw4@gmail.com